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Dear Friends,

In the Gospel last Sunday, the Lord taught us about the need to persevere in our prayer; in this Sunday’s Gospel He teaches us the need to be humble in our prayer. The inspired in Sacred Scriptures, and the Catholic Church’s 2,000 history of saints, spiritual authors, liturgy and magisterium, provide the richest source of guidance in the world on prayer. To cite just one example from the fourth century, here are just a few lines from St. Augustine who wrote extensively on prayer:
“We turn our mind to the task of prayer at appointed hours, since that desire grows lukewarm from our involvement in other concerns and occupations. We remind ourselves through the words of prayer to focus our attention on the object of our desire; otherwise, the desire that began to grow lukewarm may grow chill altogether and may be totally extinguished....The monks in Egypt are said to offer frequent prayers, but these are very short and hurled like swift javelin s...Excessive talking should be kept out of prayer but that does not mean that one should not spend much time in prayer so long as a fervent attitude continues to accompany prayer. This task is generally accomplished more through sighs than words, more through weeping than speech.” (Letter to Proba)
Augustine’s thoughts on prayer are relevant today: regular times for prayer lest we lose the habit of prayer; short prayers throughout the day; personal presence and spiritual desire, not just words.

The recent hurricane that struck the impoverished country of Haiti was devastating. In his letter in today’s bulletin, Archbishop Carlson encourages us to help the people of Haiti by prayer and financial resources. The Archbishop writes that
“Even as these families are mourning the tragic loss of life and of their homes, they are also struggling to find ways to survive. We must pray that our Lord protect them and provide them with comfort and assistance.... I have asked your pastor to conduct a collection at your parish for this purpose. All money raised through this collection will be sent through Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to help the people suffering because of this storm. Through CRS, the international humanitarian agency representing the U.S. Catholic Church, we are responding even now to the needs of our brothers and sisters....You can also learn more and provide support at http://www.crs.org/resource-center/church-responds-hurricane-matthew.”
Donations can be placed in the collection basket at the baptismal font after Mass, or sent to the rectory, marked CRS-Haiti.

There are many lay Orders and organizations in the Catholic Church (e.g., Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher, etc.). The Knights of St. Peter Claver and their Ladies Auxiliary were founded in New Orleans in 1909. With over 18,000 members it is the largest African-American lay organization in the Church. They are hosting a discussion on Sunday, November 13, at the library at Fontbonne University, 6800 Wydown, from 2-4:30, on the topic: “Why we are Catholic; our faith in Jesus; what we want our white brothers and sisters to know about us.” All are invited.

Msgr. Vernon Gardin

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