40 Days for Life


We want to thank all of you who participated in 40 Days for Life with Immacolata last Thursday, March 2.  We had a good turnout – approximately 35 parishioners came out to the sidewalk to pray.  We know of many others who supported us in prayer but due to schedules were unable to join us – we are grateful to all of you! 




We had 2 confirmed turnarounds, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Both women received help at local pregnancy resource centers.  One of the women shared this story - she had spoken with one of the Coalition for Life interns and had obtained a brochure from them that contained information on local pregnancy resources. She told them that she was going to go inside Planned Parenthood because she was planning on getting a free pregnancy test. Just a few minutes later, she came back outside and told the interns that not only did she learn that the pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood was not free, but she also noted that the staff was rude to her and ripped up the brochure she had been given. She decided to go to a local pregnancy resource center for help instead.   




We want to thank Msgr. Gardin for his consistent support of our efforts and all of the members of the Immacolata Respect Life Committee who helped with signups and promotion.  Immacolata will participate in 40 Days for Life again in the fall (October).   




40 Days for Life continues every day of Lent from 7am to 7pm until Palm Sunday, and the Coalition for Life interns offer life-affirming options counseling on the sidewalk every hour that Planned Parenthood is open, year-round, 6 days per week (Monday through Saturday).  To volunteer, visit www.coalitionforlifestl.com.  Thanks again for your positive witness to our faith and to life in our world.  




Paula and Karen








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