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Welcome to our Hot Lunch Program administered by Food Service  Consultants, Inc.

August 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you all so much for your recent input regarding continuing improvements with our lunch program provided through Food Service Consultants.  We have met over the last few weeks to discuss parent thoughts as well as other ways to continue to adjust and improve the program to best meet student and family needs. 

Next year, K-8 will all continue to be offered a daily hot lunch tray option A, a daily hot lunch option B, and a salad of the week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Papa John’s will still be the lunch item for Thursday.  Lunch option A will be a main entrée with at least two sides such as fruit or fresh fruit, vegetable, starch, etc.  Lunch option B will be a different entrée with the same sides.  Choosing to take or not take the side items is not an option.  Students in grades 6-8 may choose to order an extra entrée of the same lunch option or of the other choice lunch option.  Students may only purchase the extra lunch entrée if, also, purchasing a daily hot lunch tray.  The director of the program is revising the entire menu to encourage foods students like, offer a better variety, to offer a healthier lunch tray.  Milk comes with the lunch tray or the salad option.  Milk may, also, be purchased as a stand-alone item.  Water and Gatorade will no longer be available given the difficulties from this past year.  However, a water fountain is being installed in the cafeteria that will allow student water bottles to easily be filled.

Lunch Tray option A and/or B are $3.75

The Salad lunch option is $3.75

The extra entrée for grades 6-8 is $1.75

Papa John’s lunch tray is $3.75.  An extra slice of pizza is the price of the extra entrée.  On Papa John’s Day, all grades may order extra.  Grades K-2 are limited to one extra slice.

Jean will continue to be the supervisor over several schools.  We will have a new person directing our specific program back in the kitchen.  Given the confusion with billing in the past, all payments and fees will be handled directly by Immacolata School.  Payments should be made to Immacolata School and given to Kim or I in the office.  All lunch fee and payment information can be viewed by parents via our Teacherease portal.  I ask that all families, frequently, check Teacherease to ensure that all accounts are positive.

PayPal or online payment through Teacherease will not be available—at least for the start of the school year.  Once things are up and running, I will research the possibility of online payments via Teacherease.

I am hopeful that these changes will allow things to run more smoothly in the lunch program and to streamline the process.  Please let me know if you have any questions

Jen Stutsman, Ed.D



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