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Prayer Shawl Program

Shortly after the news of Bob's (Bob Barnidge) illness became known, Betty (Rataj) called and asked if we would like to have a prayer shawl...a prayer shawl, what was that?...what could that do to help us? Well, it wasn't long before we realized just how special a prayer shawl was overwhelming and, at the same time, humbling to think that someone took the time to begin this project by praying for Bob and dedicating herself to knitting a beautiful shawl that would give both physical and spiritual comfort to our sweet Bob...there was so much compassion and comfort that was given to Bob through this special ministry...I know that Bob could feel the outpouring of love, concern, and prayers from the whole parish...and, you know, so much strength was given to all of us because of this beautiful prayer shawl. Our family is very grateful to all of you who have made this ministry an important part of our parish.

Nancy Barnidge

Home Communion Visits: Traveling Eucharistic Ministers

I have lived in the area since 1949. I have a long connection with Immacolata - priests from the parish blessed my home and driveway, my children received the sacraments at the church and all of my grandchildren were baptized at Immacolata. Each new pastor at Immacolata has visited me since I am unable to attend mass. The communion visits are truly a blessing. I am not physically able to volunteer at the parish as an attempt to show my appreciation. School scholarship contributions and providing rosaries to a First Communion class are two attempts that I have made to show my gratitude for the care and concern that I feel from the parish. I can't do much - this is the best I can do.

Charlie Carrabino

Immacolata Athletic Association Coaching

My name is Tim Clohisy and I am beginning my junior year at Saint Louis University. I attended Immacolata grade school and was involved in nearly every sport. My fondest memories include the years Jim Rhodes and my father, John Clohisy, coached my basketball team. Both emphasized basketball fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship. They also worked to ensure that the team played with a competitive nature and had fun with the sport. Being on a team together with my classmates enriched my experience at Immacolata.

Tim Clohisy

Giving Back to the Parish

I participate in Immacolata Parish Life because...what better place to share my time and talent than the community where I spent my life going to church and school and now watching my 3 children doing the same. By volunteering my time in the school, CRHP, Birthright, Ladies Society and Home & School activities I get to know fellow parishioners of all differ ages/generations, yet we all share something in common...Our Catholic faith and desire to give back to a parish that gives so much to us!

Joy Garton

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