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Our parishioner testimonials reflect a caring and vibrant parish community...

Great Community

I participate in Immacolata parish life because I get so much more out of it than I put in. Immacolata is such a great community; it has helped us raise our kids, meet our closest friends and has been a glue that has held us all together over the years. If I can help out a little here and there, it's a small favor to ask.

Steve Reese

Opportunity to Serve the Poor and Needy

I participate in Immacolata parish life because I believe we have a wonderful community here. I personally wanted more opportunity to serve the poor an needy. Rather than seek it elsewhere, I thought it would be great if we could start right here in our own parish and provide the opportunities especially to our children so if they are exposed at a young age, they will continue to serve others throughout their life.

Angie Potter, Co-founder—Junior St. Vincent de Paul

Very Rewarding

I participate in Immacolata parish life because I find it so rewarding. Monday Night Basketball is the center of my social calendar; all things revolve around it, it is where I have met (and continue to meet) some of life's best friends, we have a lot of fun and try to help out others, St. Vincent de Paul Society in particular. It has also led me to continue to coach the youth teams which is both challenging and enjoyable.

Tom Schwarz

Adult Education Opportunities

I participate in Immacolata parish life because...with God's grace, I am trying to know, love and serve God IN THIS WORLD—and Immacolata parish is a big part of my world. Adult education opportunities like the book club and scripture courses help me know God. Receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist often and participating in Christ Renews His Parish formation have deepened my love of God. Serving my fellow parishioners through the prayer shawl ministry and as an Extraordinary Minister is hands-on serving God. I'm trying.

Betty Rataj

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