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Hello!  "Marian the Librarian" (aka Mrs. DiGerolamo) here.

 Busy, busy, busy!  Things are hopping here - organized chaos!

 The summer has flown by and I have been busy revamping the library.  We have replaced the old metal shelves with wooden ones.  There are also new spindle racks to twirl.   The fiction shelves have been sorted by genre, then author.  The non-fiction shelves have been broken down, sorted and identified.  We have a new middle school bookcase.  

I am very excited to begin the year.  The books, Horror and I have missed you.

Our centers include blocks, cards, army guys (thanks to KDG boys for making the library safe from intruders),  puzzles, games of skill, and coloring.


Contact information:  991-5700   ext: 100