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Week of 3/25 - 3/29

Monday 3/25 - School Resumes 

Tuesday 3/26 - Visit with Seminarian Dane @ 2:20    

Wednesday 3/27 - 

Thursday 3/28 -  Faith Families @ 8:40

                        5th Science test over Rocks and Minerals   

Friday 3/29 - James at State Geography Bee Competition GOOD LUCK!

                   5th Grade Arch Field Trip (8:40-12:00) Wear uniforms and bring sack lunch/drink.

                   Stations @ 12:30 



What We Are Learning This Week: 

Math: This week students will be reviewing for our test over decimal place value, comparing/ordering decimals, round dicmals, estimating decimal sums/differences, and adding and subtracting decimals. We will be playing a series of games this week to review for our test which will be on Monday, April 1st. 

Science: This week, students will reviewing for our test over minerals and rocks. The test over Unit 9 is scheduled for Thursday, March 28th. 

Social Studies: This week we will begin discussing Westward Exapnsion. We will specifically be talking about the Lousiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Manifest Destiny, the Gold Rush, and the Oregon Trail. We will learn how all of these people/events impacted the growth of our nation. Students will participate in a variety of games/simulations to help them get a feel for what it was like to be a pioneer. Our field trip on Friday will talk about this as well. 

Religion: Students will be learning about the Sacraments of Reconcilitation and Anointing of the Sick this week. 

6th Science: This week, we will be talking all about the nervous system. Students will learn about the major functions of this "control center" of the human body. 

6th Religion: This week we will be learning about Joshua, who became the leader of the Isarelites after Moses' death. We will also be discussing Juan Diego's vision of our Lady of Guadalupe. Finally, we will be talking about all of God's blessings that are constantly surrounding us each day.