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Week of 1/21-1/25

Monday 1/21 - No School

Tuesday 1/22- DARE @ 1:00 

                     Visit with Seminarian Dane @ 2:20

Wednesday 1/23 - Probability and Mean, Median, Mode & Range Test 

                           BizTown Lesson 12:00-1:00

Thursday 1/24- 5th Ch.7 Religion Test 

Friday 1/25 - 5th Ch.7 Social Studies Test

                   6th Skeletal System Test

                   Spelling Bee @ 12:30 



Sunday 1/27- Catholic Schools Week Kick-Off Mass @ 9:30 followed by Open House 

Monday 1/28 - Friday 2/1- Catholic Schools Week

Friday 2/1- Mission Carnival 9:30-11:30

                12:00 Dismiss

Monday 2/4 - BizTown Interviews (students should dress in professional attire today)


What We Are Learning This Week: 

Math: The test over probability and mean, median, mode, and range is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23rd. Our next chapter is all about graphing. Students will be learning how to interpret and create all different types of graphs. 

Science: This week we will discuss the layers of Earth; the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. We will also begin examining plate tectonics. 

Social Studies: We will begin our cummulative project over Ch.6 and Ch.7 this week. Majority of this project should be compelted at school. You can find more information regarding this project on the "Project Information and Rubrics" tab beginning on Wednesday of this week. The test over Ch.7 for the test will be on Friday, January 25th. 

Religion: We will be learning about the conversion of Saul and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will also be discussing the work and life of St. Katherine Drexel. The test over Ch.6 is scheduled for Thursday, January 24th. 

6th Science: This week we will be reviewing for our test over the skeletal system which is scheduled for Friday, January 25th. Students will also begin a body systems partner project that we will be working on periodically for the remainder of the school year. 

6th Religion: This week we will begin working on a Vocation Essay that will be submitted to a contest sponsored by the Serra Club of St. Louis. We will be discussing and writing this essay over the next two weeks.