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  Ms. Moll's 2nd Grade Class - 2M     

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I am excited to be teaching at Immacolata for a fourth year.  I could not feel more blessed to be teaching 2nd graders again as they prepare for two sacraments in this warm and welcoming environment.  You will find special events, nightly homework, and a few helpful items below.  Please check out the other section of my webpage as well as the "Homeroom" app. for updates on current topics of study, our longterm goals, and actual snapshots of 2M in action! 



 Ms. Moll



Homework can be found on the right side of your student's "Take Home" folder each night.





  • Math: Textbook pg. 225-226 
  • Religion:  Study Chapter 9 on BlestAreWe.com
  • Spelling Packet: "nd, ng, nk" words - packet due 1/18




  • Math: WB pg. 65-66
  • Spelling Packet: "nd, ng, nk" words - packet due 1/18




  • Math: Chapter 5 Review
  • Spelling Packet:"nd, ng, nk" words - packet due 1/18




  • Math:
  • Spelling Packet: "nd, ng, nk" words - packet due 1/18




Upcoming Tests

  • Spelling: "nd, ng, nk" words - Friday, 1/18
  • Religion:  Chapter 9 - Monday, 1/15
  • Science: Unit 4 - Monday, 1/21
  • Math:  Chapter 5 - Thursday, 1/17