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 "Guided by our Catholic faith, we enable children to reach their

full potential and learn to lead a life of compassion in the spirit of Christ"

Welcome to the First Grade Home Page!

Welcome to our First Grade website! I am so excited to have such a wonderful group of students to explore and learn with me! We are going to do so many fun things this year! Please check this website frequently for news, updates, assignments, rules and expectations, as well as links to fun educational websites! I will be sending a weekly newsletter home with your child as well to keep you updated and informed, but this is the best place to check out the latest information!

My Goal

My goal this year, as your child's teacher, is to create a learning enviornment that is positive, exciting, fun and safe. I believe in making the students active participants in their learning, and to create a student-centered learning enviornment as opposed to teacher-centered. I will focus on building their minds, spirits, and character. We will focus throughout the year on responsibility, respect, friendship, caring, acceptance, and faith. I hope to foster student involvment and cooperation in all classroom activities, and to establish a productive working enviornment. My ultimate hope is that everyone will succeed in his or her own way, and leave through the door at the end of the year pleased with what they have accomplished!

"Forever in My Heart"

" Although I'm not their parent,

I'll care for them each day.

I'll cuddle, sing and read to them

and watch them as they play.

I will see each new accomplishment

I'll help them grow and learn.

I'll understand their language

and I'll listen with concern.

They'll proudly show their work to me

I'll give the loudest cheers!!

No, I'm not their parent,

but my role is just as strong.

I'll nurture them and keep them safe

though maybe not for long.

I know one day the time will come

when we will have to part.

But know each of your children is forever in my heart".