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the art room needs anytime--

  styrofoam egg cartons 1 -- 1 and 1/2 dozen eggs to mix our paint in.




We are ready for an art filled 2019.  Plans will start with our annual focus on realism and the drawing of the still-life.  The still-life provides a great chance for students to improve their looking and processing skills.



Mrs. Jill Welsh, Art teacher 


This year I will be presenting  information about ART on the above buttons. Please take the time to review the art grading scales.

LOOK for great masterpieces in our ART GALLERY located outside the cafeteria.  It is always changing.




The art departmnent is ALWAYS looking for craft items.  We are needing to restock our supply to help fuel our creativity.  If you or anyone you know, is looking to lighten their load of STUFF, PLEASE bring it all  to art.  We will create or save it for our next masterpieces.


- Mrs. Welsh







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