High School Youth Ministry

Email: kgood@immacolata.org


Life Teen Ministry is for 9th-12th Grade (2020-21)

Following the 5pm Sunday Night Mass • 6:00 - 8:00 pm

At Immacolata’s Youth Room (Under Rectory)


EDGE Ministry is for 6th-8th Grade (2020-21)

• Select • Friday evenings 5:30 - 7:00 pm

At Immacolata’s Youth Room (Under Rectory)

Also check out our EDGE Middle School Program


Immacolata Parish offers Life Teen Sr. High Youth Ministry! This program is jam packed with some awesome events/trips you don't want to miss! The high schoolers meet for their Life Night every Sunday evening after the 5pm Mass at Immacolata, from 6-8pm.

We meet in the Youth Room under of the rectory. Just come down the stairs on the right side of the building, red door. We begin the night with snacks and socializing/games. This is an awesome opportunity for the young people of the Church to grow closer to Christ while having fun with their friends. 

Feel free to reach out to Kevin Good, Coordinator of Youth Ministry for STL South Side Ministries, for any details or questions you may have. He can be reached by email at kgood@immacolata.org or by phone at (314) 991-5700 ext. 319. 

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Winter and Spring 2021 Youth Ministry Calendar:

This week will begin a new semester for our Middle School EDGE program.


WIRES AND ROBOTICS: Questions about the Human Person

Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What does it mean to be human?


These very questions are pivotal to our identity and how we understand both who we are and our dignity and worth. Middle school youth are beginning to explore who they are and who they want to be, and they may be wondering why they even exist. Developmentally, finding their identity is one of the biggest tasks for this age group. This Semester is designed to our help middle school youth tackle the big questions about what it means to be human and what God has revealed to us about our humanity. It will help the youth see the origin, destiny, and dignity of every human being, so they can form their identity on the foundation of truth and discover who God created them to be.


Friday, February 12th - EDGE NIGHT


The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to understand that they were created out of the goodness and love of God and only in Him will they find purpose and meaning for their lives.


Sunday, February 14th - LIFE NIGHT

VALENTINES DAY - Of course we are going to have a party but also will take a closer look at the life of St. Valentine and what it means to Love.


Next week we will be starting a new semester

LONG STORY SHORT: Series on the parables of Jesus

I mean, who doesn’t like a good story?! The best stories are the ones that we can personally connect with, as they teach us the more profound lessons of life. Jesus understood the power of stories and used them often in His teachings: the parables. He told stories that inform us about where we come from, offer insight into the successes and failures of our ancestors, and share how we are invited to participate in the Kingdom of God. Jesus reminds us that, throughout history, we have repeatedly sinned, acknowledged our wrongdoing, and turned back to Him. Jesus told us the story of our salvation. Through His parables, He reminds us that the story of salvation is our story, and it is the one thing that unites us. Long Story Short is a Life Night series that empowers teens to engage with Jesus’ parables and, through them, understand how they impact their relationship with God. 


Friday, February 19th - EDGE

No Youth Group 


Sunday, February 21st - LIFE NIGHT

THE STORYTELLER: Engaging with the Parables

We will learn the power of story and why this was Jesus’s preferred style of teaching.


Friday, February 26th - EDGE NIGHT

INTERNAL COMPONENT: What Does It Mean to Be Human?

The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to understand that human beings are

set apart from all other creation, for they are created in the image and likeness

of God and have a physical body and an eternal soul, which changes how we

approach the material world and live our lives.


Sunday, February 28th - LIFE NIGHT

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Reading the Parables

We will learn to read Scripture through the four senses, allowing us to unpack the full depth of the parables.


Friday, March 5th- EDGE

No Youth Group


Saturday, March 6th - SR HIGH RETREAT

8:00 am until 6:00 pm




Sunday, March 7th - LIFE TEEN

No Youth Group


Friday, March 12th - EDGE NIGHT

BINARY CODE: Does My Body Matter? 

The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to see their identity as a man or woman as a gift that is given to them by God for a purpose.


Sunday, March 14th - LIFE TEEN

SPRING BREAK: No Meeting this week


Friday, March 19th - EDGE

No Youth Group


Sunday, March 21st - LIFE NIGHT

THE PLOT TWIST: Understanding the Parables

We will learn to understand the parables in the context of Jesus’ mission of salvation.



Friday, March 26th - EDGE NIGHT

BINARY CODE: Does My Body Matter? 

The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to see their identity as a man or woman as a gift that is given to them by God for a purpose.


Saturday, March 27th



Sunday, March 28th - LIFE NIGHT

THE END: Living the Parables

We will discuss the parables as an entry point into the mystery of God and challenge teens to enter into that mystery.


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Friday, April 2nd - EDGE

GOOD FRIDAY: No Youth Group


Image result for easter sunday

Sunday, April 4th - LIFE TEEN

EASTER: No Youth Group


Friday, April 9th - EDGE

LIMITED EDITION: What Makes Me Unique? 

The goal of this Edge Night is to help the youth understand that, while all human beings have a common origin and dignity, we have a unique identity, who we are matters, and we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.


Sunday, April 11th - LIFE NIGHT wk1


Something in the works


Friday, April 16th - EDGE

No Youth Group


Sunday, April 18th - LIFE NIGHT wk2

TBD: Something in the works


Thursday-Sunday, April 22nd-25th

ACTS RETREAT: No youth group this week - neither Friday nor Sunday


Friday, April 30th - EDGE Night

INSTRUCTION MANUAL: Why Should I Live a Good Life? 

The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to understand the effects of original sin on humanity and the responsibility we have to form our conscience and make good choices.


Sunday, May 2nd - LIFE TEEN

LUKE 18 FINAL PREP: Not Regular Youth Group

Noon until 8pm


Friday, May 7th - EDGE



Saturday, May 8th - LUKE 18 RETREAT

8:00 am until 6:00 pm


Sunday, May 9th - LIFE NIGHT



Friday, May 14th through Saturday, May 15th - LIFE TEEN & EDGE

STMM PARISH PICNIC: Will assist that evening

Social Justice and Service Hours opportunity!


Sunday, May 16th - LIFE TEEN wk3

SOCIAL: Welcome the 8th Graders!


Friday, May 21st - EDGE

No Youth Group


Sunday, May 23rd - LIFE NIGHT wk4

TBD: Something in the works


Friday, May 28th - EDGE NIGHT


The goal of this Edge Night is for the youth to understand heaven as their eternal goal, a gift that is freely given but requires us to accept it in faith and then live in accord with everything God has revealed.


Sunday, May 30th - LIFE NIGHT wk5

TBD: Something in the works


June 4th - June 13th



Friday, July 9th through Sunday, July 11th - LIFE TEEN


“Restore us, O God of Hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.” - Psalm 80:3



Steubenville STL Mid-America is a high-energy youth conference in which teens are invited to encounter Jesus Christ through dynamic speakers, engaging music, the Sacraments, small group discussions, and fellowship with other teens. Our conferences are an outreach of Franciscan University in partnership with the St. Louis Archdiocesan Office of Youth Ministry. Two conferences are held every year in July and take place on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, MO.


We are excited to say that we will be moving forward with Steubenville's STL mid-america conferences capped at 1700 participants. For those of you who have joined us in the past, this year's conference will look different, but the Lord is still offering us the same invitation to encounter Him in community. The Lord is faithful and we thank you.


In the midst of our broken and chaotic world, Jesus wants to restore us to the glory for which he created us. This summer, join hundreds of Catholic teens (plus thousands of others who will be attending Steubenville Conferences  across North America) to experience a weekend that you will remember for the rest of your life!



All rising freshmen in high school through rising freshmen in college are invited to attend this retreat with our group.



$295 - Includes food, lodging, transportation and t-shirt


A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit amount of $75.00 is due by Sunday, March 28th to secure your spot. Please mail check with "Steubenville" and your "child's name" with "current grade" in the memo line to:


Immacolata Parish

8900 Clayton Road

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


You can also drop it off at the Rectory at Immacolata or Venmo me at goodkeving w/ "Steubenville" and your "child's name" with "current grade" in the notes


Once everyone has their deposit turned in the official registration link will be sent out on April 1st. All registration will be digital, no more need to print off forms, yea!



  • If the conference is cancelled by us or by a government agency, all groups will be refunded 100% of their money.

  • If the conference is not cancelled but your group chooses not to attend, there will be no refund.

  • All payments are non refundable and non transferable unless the conferences cancelled by us or a government agency.



Spots will be reserved in the order that they were received. However, because of the limited nature of this year's youth conference there will be a waiting list. We will make every effort to make sure that all teens have the opportunity to attend but if for some reason we are unable to secure additional spots, then and only then, the deposit will be refunded.


For more information check out: http://www.steubystl.com


Also, please reach out to me as I would love to talk with you about it!


Saturday, July 31st through Sunday, August 8th - EDGE SUMMER CAMP

HIDDEN LAKE: Please let me know if you are interested because this is the week we are going. 

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