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STATIONS OF THE CROSS--Through the liturgical season of Lent, we pray the Stations of the Cross each week led by different classes on Fridays at 12:30.  Sadly, we cannot continue that this year.  However, we can still pray the Stations of the Cross together.  I am providing information (below) for you to watch a video of the Stations of the Cross to pray along with.  One link is geared for our younger students and the other might be a better fit for our older students/high schoolers/adults!

The Way of the Cross for younger students (click here)

 **(read carefully)Stations for older students/high school/adults-- As I searched for Stations of the Cross that would be more meaningful to upper grade students & adults.  I came across the “Experience the Stations” website.  It is incredibly powerful. However, it is also very graphic and has footage from movie The Passion of Christ which clearly and graphically portrays the suffering that Jesus went through.  It, also, does a wonderful job of walking us through each station and making it relevant to our own lives today. The stations video is accompanied by current music and real world reflections.  You can watch it at the Experience the Stations website. This would be a video for parents to watch with their older students or for parents alone if you have younger students.  This is also a great opportunity for a faith-building discussion.  Below is an excerpt from their website--

“Experience the Stations began in 2004 as a multimedia event that has been occurring every Lent since then. It is a modern look at the traditional Catholic prayer, the Stations of the Cross. It consists of video clips, mainstream music, and testimonies, live special effects and more. These Stations were designed so that we would stop just looking at the Stations of the Cross as just something we do during Lent, but rather an Experience that we all face everyday of our lives. Christ, went through an enormous amount of suffering and pain before his death. Although he died for us and for our sins, he did not take away the amount of suffering that we would go through. The Stations of the Cross are so important because the can help us find some sort of meaning in our sufferings. Because we can see that many of the struggles that Christ went through are very similar to the same struggles that we all still go through today.”


**Do not forget to begin each day with prayer 

April 6 morning prayer & announcment with Dr. Stutsman (click here)

April 3 morning prayer with special guests (click here)




**Immacolata Virtual Spirit & Challenge Days**(Don' t forget to send Dr. Stutsman a picture)

Monday, April 6 – twin day – match your outfit with a friend or sibling

Tuesday, April 7--Challenge Day--Build a fort in your yard or house and make a sign with your fort's name.

Wednesday, April 8- Tropical Tuesday- dress for a day on a beautiful island

Thursday, April 9-Challenge Day---Do something for your family--make lunch for everyone in your house today!


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