Ms. Petruska - Grading 6-8

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GRADES 6, 7, 8                                                         Ms. Petruska (

Class Expectations:

1.  Be Safe:  All students are expected to be safe with their body and PE equipment.

2.  Be Respectful:  Students should be respectful to all students and the teacher.

3.  Be Responsible:  Students are expected to follow directions during instruction and activity.

4.  Participate:  Actively participate in class.

5.  Have FUN participating while being safe, respectful and responsible.

The Responsibility Card will be used in P.E. class.  Students are expected to bring their card to class.

Students will earn grades in P.E. based on Immacolata’s grading scale, A-F, which can be found in the Handbook. 

Grading will be point based and will include the following:

ü  Daily grade (rubric below)

ü Assignments and quizzes

ü  Health lessons

ü   Fitness tracker

o    performing and setting goals in the areas of aerobic capacity (PACER or mile run), strength and endurance (push-ups), abdominal strength (sit ups), and flexibility (sit and reach)

Each class period (daily grade) students have the opportunity to earn 10 points.  Points will be earned as outlined below.  When a student does not meet expectations points will be removed.

                1 point = coming into gym appropriately and sitting in assigned squad and/or following directions

                2 points = showing respect to all classmates and teacher

  2 points = following directions during instruction and activity, participating in activity the way it is intended

                3 points = actively participates in class for duration of activity

                2 points = cooperates and puts forth best effort