Ms. Petruska - P.E. at home

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As we all adjust to the new learning environment, I have included resources to help students stay active during the remote learning time.  This is a great time to spend with family and stay physically active. Below are several resources and activities to keep students active.  Students may come up with their own creative fitness activites as well  Of course traditional activities are still encouraged too -- walking, running, biking, improving sport specific skills, etc.  A daily goal is to be physically active for 60 minutes, you can add up your total time throughout the day. 

Each weekday students are encouraged to record a minimum of 20 minutes of activity.  Please print and use the activity log or use the Word version to type on the document  ('my downloads'). After the final day, on the log, is complete either scan the activity log or take a photo of the log and email it to me.  If you are using the Word version you can email it as an attachment.  It is not a requirement to complete the activity log, however it is encouraged.     

I also encourage you to email me pictures of the students being active at home to post on ImmacPE Instagram.

My office hours will be Monday - Friday: 10-11am and 1-2pm.  Please email me with questions.


AT HOME PE ACTIVITIES (instructions in 'my downloads')

Go Noodle - short interactive activities to get kids moving

DEAM (Drop Everything And Move) Calendar - activities to be completed each day

Slam Ball

Fitness Uno

Locomotor Shapes

Parachute Pass

Quick Cuts

Soccer Croquet

Dance Party

Other fun activities can include: create an obstacle course; create a dance and share it with someone else; outdoor yard games such as spike ball, ladder ball, cornhole (bags), etc.