Mr. Koval - Course Overviews (SS)

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**Please Note** An overview of 5th grade SS can be found in its own tab on Mr. Koval's webpage.  The following information pertains to 7th and 8th grade Social Studies.

Each Social Studies courses will be structered very similarly.  Each chapter or unit will consist of lectures/discussion, various daily activities, homework and in some cases, major projects.  Occasionally, some class time will be given to work on assignments and projects.  In some instances however, these may have to ne completed as homework.  The frequency of quizzes and tests will vary, as some chapters are various lengths and therefore lend themselves to different periods of instruction. Students will be given several days notice in advance of tests or quizzes, and dates of such assessments will be posted on the "Homework" tab on the home page.  

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7th Grade SST: 


-Africa's Trading Empires

-Pre-Columbian America

-Age of Exploration

-First American Colonies

-Early-Modern Europe

-Industrial Revolution

-American Revolution

  -Founding Fathers

  -Founding Documents

-Pre-Civil-War Wars

-Jacksonian Era

-Reform Movements

-First Westward Movements


8th Grade SST: 

-Road to the Civil War

-Civil War


-Gilded Age

-Progressive Era


-World War I

-Roaring Twenties/Great Depression

-World War II

-Cold War

  -Arms Race



  -Civil Rights Movement

-As close to present day as possible