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The Age of Exploration

Here is a cool website if you're interested in learning more about incredible explorers in history:


The same website also has some games on it. Including this one on sailing and this one on being a merchant.


Here is a cool infographic on sailing/exploration. There are some great facts on it about scurvy among other things.


Road to the Revolution

Here is a nice recap on the French and Indian War and some context for the tensions leading up to the American Revolution.

Knowing how important tea was to the colonists (who were culturally British in many ways) is important to understanding the impact of the Tea Act and resulting Boston Tea Party. Tea, by itself, is an interesting plant and beverage. If you want to learn more here is a great podcast on Tea from the podcast Stuff You Should Know. The hosts Josh and Chuck will walk you through this interesting subject, hopefully providing some knowledge with some laughs along the way.


American Revolution


If you want to play through the American Revolution like a game, here's your chance:


A small number of Revolutionary War veterans were still living when the Civil War broke out and all were over 100 years old. You can read about the last surviving veterans here:


Here's a classic song to help you remember the general course of the American Revolution:


Constitutional Period

Always a classic, the SchoolHouse Rock "Preamble Song" will help you remember the Preamble to the Constitution.

Here is a great link (just a 3 min. infographic) that explains the Electoral College.

 Here's a great summary of the Bill of Rights by Ted Ed.


Westward Movement

Try this classic game of Oregon Trail to see what it might be like for travelers: Oregon Trail