Mr. Koval - 8th Grade Social Studies

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The World Today

Here is an interesting infographic on people in the world today. It's called Mankind by the Numbers.


Here is a Population Clock maintained by the Census Bureau of the US. It also has lots of other interesting graphics and info.

Please feel free to view CNN Student News for updates on current events in the US and abroad.  CNN Student News is a daily, 10 minute video news program geared towards middle and high school students.  On occassion, we may view and discuss this news program in class.

Civil War

Here is a link to the National Park Service's page about the Civil War.  Many battlefields, monuments and other Civil War sites are still preserved to this day by the NPS.  If you are ever traveling and want to visit any sites, here is a list of where certain sites can be found.  I have personally visited several of these, and have been blown away by how interesting they are.

Below is an artile pertaining to Illinois in the Civil War.  While no major battles occurred within the state, Illinois played an integral role in the Union's war efforts.