Mrs. Deelo - Helpful Class Information

Phone: 991-5700 voice mailbox #422



Each student WITHOUT AN IMMACOLATA SIBLING will receive and envelope from the School Office every Wednesday containing notes about school information/activities. Please be sure to put the folder back into your child's backpack after emptying (reading) or adding notes of you own. I will have a table for your child to turn it in the following day. The folder must be returned each week before the next Wednesday. If lost, please inform the School Office at 991-5700, ext 302. 

All money sent to school should be placed in an envelope with the purpose and child's name marked on the outside. Money (book orders,etc.) should be placed inside folder. Personal notes for me can be hand delivered I will try to respond in time.


I will keep a portfolio of your child's quarterly assessments and a few samples of work. This will be shown to you at conferences and will be sent home at the end of the year. You will enjoy seeing their progress. 


Arrival and departure procedures are outlined in the Immacolata Handbook and general car pool procedures. Please be prompt. Older siblings or car pool friends may walk you child to his/her class. If not comfortable and feels secure he/she can be dropped off at the front or back door to wait for the 8:15 bell to ring. We eventually want children to be independent to walk on their own.

SNACKS / LUNCH - WHOLE SCHOOL RULE.....No peanut products INSIDE CLASSROOMS.  Lunch Cafeteria is ok.

Each day there will be a time provided for the children to eat a small snack. Please pack a snack in the outside backpack pocket (if have one) so your child can drop it in a basket after walking in the door. Try to pack an easy open package snack so your child can open it themselves otherwise I can help.   Lunch recess begins at 10:45 ending with lunch dismissing at 11:35.

:If you decide to order hot lunch please  order monthly at Go to school, lunch, menus/order.  Contact the office if you have any questions. Send lunch money inside the “Wednesday Folder”.  Please label your child's lunch if bringing. You may purchase milk for your child, with the full school community, otherwise, pack a drink. Don't forget the napkin!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: The classroom teacher and school office will celebrate student birthdays and ensure all students are made to feel that their special day is treated in an equal manner as his/her classmates. 

  • Birthday students will continue to have their name read with morning announcements by student council.  Student council will lead the singing of happy birthday at that time with classrooms with birthday students singing along in their room. Student with summer birthday's will have their name announced in May. We will also celebrate in May.  When closer to the month I we will find a day that works best.

  • Students have free dress on their birthday.

  • Students will go the office and will get to pick a surprise.  This will include various trinkets, prizes, homework passes, etc.

  • Students will receive a birthday crown  to wear throughout the day.

  • Students with weekend birthdays will have their birthday celebrated on the Friday before.

  • On Mass days, Students Council will do announcements and birthdays immediately after Mass


The students do not take a nap daily, but require about 40 minutes of rest time. I will show educational videos as they lay on the floor. I will treat them with appropriate movies at times. The first few months they may fall asleep during this time and that is fine.


“Deelo's Discipline” information is given to you at “Back to School Night”. For your child to have a comfortable and secure feeling at school, rules are set to help each child use the Golden Rule...”Treat others the way you want to be treated”. I believe in being firm but loving, so that no one gets their feelings hurt. I also believe in praising every child at various times to build confidence.


Every child will be a “Special Helper” many times throughout the year. I will provide a calendar to show your child's days. By the middle of the year they know when their day is (alphabetical order) . I will provide you with their responsibilities. This will start in September.


You have received the supply list along with the class list. We tend to run out of items especially wet wipes (before anything else) for quick table cleaning and hand washing for snack time since we have no sink in the room. I will inform you if more supplies are needed throughout the year.


This year the day/time for parent readers is every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:00. Please meet with homeroom parent and other parents to make a schedule and give to me. On the day that you read you may take your child with you to your car to leave for the day. Suggestion for parents with other Immacolata's up to you whether you want to let your child walk out with the class to find you in the pick up line. You can leave before 3:00 to line up.


We will celebrate a few holidays in the classroom. Parent volunteers are welcome to organize games, crafts and provide treats. 

Halloween                                                       Most likely these will be in the afternoon.

Christmas                                                       Time and date announced later. 

Valentine's Day                                              

We will have a Thanksgiving Feast and celebrate the 100th Day of School. 


 TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER  Please let me know if you want to chaperone when I send out an email about it. 

CONFERENCES: 2019-2020

Kindergarten will not receive a report card 1st quarter but will get one the remainder of the school year. You will receive a progress report the 1st quarter.  Conferences are held 2 times during the school year.  

Friday, November 8—noon dismissal; conferences for grades K-8 1:00-4:30/5:30-8:00  

Friday, January 22—noon dismissal & parent teacher conferences from 1:00-4:00