Mrs. DiGerolamo - About Mrs. DiGerolamo

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I was born and raised here in St. Louis.  I grew up in St. Margaret of Scotland parish, attended Xavier High School and St. Mary of the Plains College in Kansas.

I have been at Immacolata for over 30 years - long enough to now be teaching the children of former students!   I have mainly been with 5th graders and have enjoyed them immensely.  Social Studies was my favorite subject to teach and nothing makes me happier than when a student tells me how much they now enjoy history!  I hope to use that same enthusiam to help your children develop a love of reading.  My favorite time is when I have a cold glass of milk (or Pepsi), cookies, a comfy spot and a good book - nothing better!

I have been married to Robert for 46 years (or forever as we like to say) and have 3 terrific kids.  R.J., Tony and Ellen.  All are on their own - maybe -  almost?  Anyway, we are empty-nesters now.

Moving to the library, for me, is living the dream - of course, I am reminded of the "Twilight Zone" episode where a lowly survivor (who would rather read than anything else) of the end of the world goes to the library.  He sorts and stacks his choices and is literally dancing with glee with the idea of just reading for the rest of his life when - aaahhhhh - his glasses fall off his face and shatter!  My glasses are now attached to a chain "around my neck"!

My favorite people in the world are my family, my sisters and brothers, Immacolata, and of course - Elvis!