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Welcome to Ms. Murray's Remote Learning Page



Dear 1st Grade Parents, 

       We hope this letter finds you well. Please know that we miss you and the kids and are thinking of you and praying for you everyday. We hope to see everyone back soon! Please review the information below and let us know if you have any questions. The schedules we are providing are suggestions and very flexible, please adjust to meet the needs of your family. Please keep in mind that this is new to everyone and the routines and expectations offered today are subject to change to meet everyone's needs. 


Class Web Pages:

Please find all of this information along with more and daily videos on our class web pages. 





Please see the suggested schedule attached. We will be sending assignments a week at a time. Assignments will be emailed and posted to our web pages on Sundays by 7:00pm. There will be assignments for reading/language arts/writing, math, religion, science and social studies each day. Assignments will be a mix of things from their folders you picked up yesterday, pages from their textbooks, apps and websites to use, books to read, sight words to practice, spelling words to study and other activities. 


Daily Videos:

Each night we will send a video that includes an overview of the next day's lessons, a read aloud, prayer and a couple of random announcements. These will be sent to parents the night before but should be viewed by the students in the morning to start their day. These will be sent through Zoom recordings and/or iMovie recordings. These can be found on our web pages as well. 

Turning in Assignments:

When you receive the assignments for the week some assignments will be in BOLD. These are assignments that will need to be “turned in”. These can be “turned in” at your own pace. You can send each day, every two days, at the end of the week, whatever works best for your family. The students can turn in assignments by taking a picture, scanning or taking a video and sending it to us. The students should also keep all paper copies either in the book or in their home learning folder and we will collect when we return to school.  


Zoom Meetings:

Please make sure you download Zoom onto a computer or other device. We have found that using it on a desktop or laptop works best but ipads and phones are fine too. We will plan on having one whole class meeting each week. Each teacher will send out a meeting link just before each meeting. Whole class meetings for each homeroom will be on Wednesdays from 10:00-10:30. Please do not worry if your child is not able to join us live each time. These will be recorded and the recording can be sent out if your child is not able to join us live. The whole class meetings will start on Wednesday, April 1st. We will be meeting one on one with each student at least once a week. Those Zoom meetings will be set up and coordinated between us and the individual students/parents. These individual meetings will start this week Wed-Fri.  


Websites and Apps:

A list of websites, apps and usernames and passwords was sent out in the folders that were picked up on Sunday. That list is also attached to this email and has been updated since the paper copy was sent home to include more sites and apps. The big 4 to use are RazKids, Epic, Prodigy and IXL. All other sites and apps are suggestions and we hope you use them but these four are most important and there will be assignments tied to them. If you ever forget your username or password to any of these email us and we can get that to you. 


Included in the Home Learning Folders that were picked up on Sunday:

  • Websites and apps list (also attached to this email and updated with more)

  • Math facts practice pages (these will be assigned)

  • Various language arts and writing assignments (these will be assigned)

  • Happy spring and happy Easter math coloring sheets (these are for fun and will not be specifically assigned)

  • Saint Patrick’s day word search (for fun, not assigned)

  • Lists of stay at home activities, reading bingo, keeping your brain busy during a break, and movement mat. These are more for parents. These are just suggestions of things your child(ren) can do during this time. None of this will be assigned, it is for fun and to break up any restlessness.  

  • Three leveled readers (these will be assigned)

  • A notebook to be used for various writing assignments


Attached to this email:

  • The apps and website information sheet

  • Suggested daily schedule

  • Assignments for this week starting Wednesday and going through Friday (March 25th-27th)


Thank you for your support of us, Immacolata School and your child during this time. Thank you for taking on the huge task of remote at home learning. We are going to get through this uncertain time together. Thank you!


Stephanie Tedford and Jacqueline Murray