Ms. Murray - Weekly Assignments

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Wednesday, March 24th 2020


Wednesday, March 25: Pet Day – post picture of you playing or reading with your pet or your favorite stuffed animal

(See Science Activity) 


Daily 5 

Invisible String Worksheet (see attachment) You can just draw your own in a notebook, if you don’t have access to a printer.  (Turn this in)


High Frequency Words (HFW) 


give little own over


try our how who


Read them, spell them, trace them with your food, trace on someone’s back and have them guess what HFW it is


Choose a book to read on Raz Kids or Epic or one you have on your bookshelf at home. See how many HFW you can find in your book. Send Ms. Murray the number. 


Workbook page 57 (Turn this in)


Complete the next page in your Yellow Handwriting Workbook 

(it might be page 30 for most students)



Begin Chapter 13

Read and complete page 201



Lesson 9-5 workbook page 349 and 350 (Turn this in)

Optional additional practice 351 and 352



Read and complete pages 305, 306, and 307

Go outside and see if you can make a shadow of yourself with your pet. Take a picture and send it to Ms. Murray (Turn this in)