Welcome to Miss Smith's Class Home Page!

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Welcome to Ms. Smith's Music Webpage!

On this page you will find lots of information about music at Immacolata, music in St. Louis, and Ms. Smith! 


Please encourage your students to either watch the youtube video links for our special events, or review the songs on their own as they remember them from class. 

Our special events throughout the year include Grandparents' Day, the Christmas program, and our annual Spring Concert.  All songs for these events can be found in the form of practice tracks on my youtube channel.  Students should spend 5-10 minutes a day listening and singing along with these practice tracks to supplement what we do in class.  The lyrics are always found in the descriptions below each video.  It is important that they learn both the melody and the words to each song and that these are secure by the day of the performance.

Students and parents can access my Immacolata youtube channel by clicking THIS LINK and click on the "Videos" tab to find the videos on my channel that will help you practice at home for any upcoming music event!