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Remote Learning Activities during Covid-19 Closure


Hello Everyone!  Below is a list of activities you can do at home to continue to experience music during this time away from your lovely music classroom.  I will be available for Office Hours from 11 am-12 pm and 2-3 pm every weekday if you need help or ideas, or want to share something with me… or if you just want to say hi!  Simply send me an email and request to see me beforehand (like the night before or an hour before or even at like 11:05… not at like 11:55 when I’m ready to eat lunch) and I’ll invite you for a meeting.  Maybe my dog will show up :) kbsmith@immacolata.org.


Pick one of the activities below to do when you’re bored or during your specials time on the schedule your teacher provided.  Try for one activity a week, or whatever you’re able to do. If you’re able to do more, GREAT! I would love to hear about it!  There is no pressure or grades for these, so just pick what you like and do what you can.


  1. NEW!  Here's to baseball season (or remembering seasons past)!  What's your walk-up song?  Remember you only get about 10 seconds of the song to play.  Which 10 seconds do you pick?  Is it a mad intro?  A strong chorus?  An awesome guitar solo halfway through?  Pretend I'm the sound engineer and e-mail me your at-bat details!  

  2. NEW!  Pretend you are hosting the ultimate party and I'm your DJ.  Make a playlist of your 10 favorite songs and email it to me.  Assume that I'm a good DJ and I will play all of your requests.  Make sure you include the title of the song and the recording artist or movie that it's from.

  3. NEW!  Watch THIS CLIP from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother where the tape gets stuck in the radio player and plays on repeat forever.  What ONE song do you think you could stand to listen to in the car for the rest of the life of the vehicle?  You only get one pick, so choose wisely.  Pick a song that you could love then hate then love again and email it to me!

  4. NEW!  Did you know that the St. Louis Symphony has some awesome at-home resources?  Click HERE to visit their website.  Pick one of the activities on the website to do, then email me a copy of your completed work!

  5. NEW!  Did you hear Andrea Bocelli's amazing Easter performance at the Duomo di Milano? If not, you can watch it HERE and send me an email about what you think.  Bonus:  Do some research on Andrea Bocelli on your own.  Who is he?  Why is he so special?  (click HERE to access his Wikipedia page)

  6. NEW!  Plan the music for a mass of your own as if you were the music teacher or homeroom teacher.  You will need to pick four songs and the Psalm.  We usually use the Psalm of the day found on the USCCB website (usccb.org) or the Selected Common Psalm ("The Lord is My Light").  You will need songs for each of the following:  Gathering, Psalm, Offering/Preparation, Communion, and Closing.  Make a list and email it to me!  I would love to see what you would pick if given the option.

  7. NEW!  Go check out this video showing off the wedding present my Dad brought me recently!  Shoot me an email with a sentence or two about what you think!

  8. NEW!  Speaking of weddings, pretend you are choosing the music for a wedding, whether it's your own, you're coordinating for a friend, or you're helping me plan mine.  You need to pick 5 songs (fyi a processional is where one or more people walk down the aisle) for the wedding:  A parents/grandparents processional, a bridesmaid/bridal party processional, a bridal processional, a song for special music or the lighting of a unity candle during the service, and a recessional (where the bridal party leaves and everyone is dismissed).  Your songs can be religious or not, or a combination of both.  Email me (your pianist) the details so I can get organized!

  9. Go to my youtube page and pick any of the songs to sing along with, even if they’re old.  Start with one. They’re like Pringles… you might find yourself clicking on several.  I’ll post more videos as time goes on, especially of songs we’ve been singing more recently, and some warm-ups as well.

  10. Speaking of youtube, you can take a minute (or 60) and watch my graduate piano recital at Wash U here.  You can just watch part of it.  You don’t have to watch the entire thing.  It’s a lot. It was a lot for me and that was my final project!  Write me an email telling me what you think! OR draw a picture reflecting your thoughts, take a picture of it, and send it to me!

  11. Click on this link to listen to some classical music while you do other school work!

  12. Make a drawing while listening to Chopin, Debussy, or Bartok.  Think about how the music makes you feel or what it makes you think of and draw accordingly.  It doesn’t have to be anything specific though. You could also just use colors to show your emotions.  Take a picture and send it to me, telling me which composer you chose and describing your art in your own words (just a sentence or two is great).

  13. Click HERE to watch a video made by a middle school principal about his quarantine experience.  After watching it, take a song that’s familiar to you and re-write the lyrics to reflect your experiences at home.  It can be funny or dramatic or both. Don’t worry about doing the whole song. Just try for one verse and one chorus to start.  Record a video of your new song parody and send it to me!

  14. Make a musical instrument from empty and clean recyclables around your house!  Need some ideas? Use an empty tissue box (rectangle, not the cube), a paper towel roll, and some rubber bands to make a guitar.  Use an empty plastic bottle and some dried beans to make a shaker. You can also watch this preview of the movie Landfill Harmonic to get some more ideas!  Like the preview? See if you can watch the whole movie at home (you may need your parents to purchase through youtube or find it on another streaming option).

  15. Younger kids will enjoy watching clips from Fantasia 2000, like we did in class several times.  Choose from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2 (the soldier and the dancer -- start at 1:20 if you want to skip the talking), Respighi’s Pines of Rome (flight of the whales), Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals (skip to :44 if you want to jump past the talking), as well as the classic Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Of course, if you have Disney+, you can watch the entire film on there.  Enjoy!

  16. 3rd and 4th grade can work on the vocal pieces for their recorder concert by playing them from the Carnegie Hall website audio player HERE.  Sing through Come to Play, Toreador, the Blue Danube, and Cidade as many times as you want!  Stay tuned for a video going through the Barcarolle with me that you can practice with at home -- this will be on my Immac youtube page.

  17. 3rd and 4th grade can also practice the dance moves to Cidade Maravilhosa with the SLSO video we’ve been using in class.  Click HERE to access it.

  18. Want to practice some sight-reading or sight-singing?  Go to my Immacolata youtube page and click one of the sight-reading videos for your grade level group and either “ta,” clap, or sing along.  Did you make an instrument out of recyclables? Use your new instrument to tap or play the rhythm!

  19. Make up a dance routine with your siblings to your favorite Disney and/or popular song.  Make a video of your routine and send it to me! OR Make a video of you dancing with your pet to your favorite song!  Sing along while you dance!

  20. Make a parody of music classes at Immac with your siblings, make a video of your “performance,” and send it to me!  If you are the youngest or don’t have any siblings at school, pretend to be me and make a video of yourself teaching music class.  Send it to me via email!

  21. Watch any musical (literally any), write a paragraph about what you thought while watching, and send it to me.  What was your favorite song? What did you think of the plot? Need some ideas on what to watch? Start with any of the following:  The Sound of Music, Hairspray, Wicked, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, High School Musical, My Fair Lady, The Wiz, Singin’ in the Rain, Enchanted, The Music Man, or literally any animated Disney or Muppet movie you haven’t seen yet.

  22. Next time you go for a ride in the car -- and you should go for a drive to see all the beautiful spring flowers and trees that are about to bloom!! -- make a karaoke video of you and your siblings or parents jammin’ to your favorite tunes in the car.  It can literally be any (school-appropriate) song! Turn up the music, dance in your seatbelts, and belt out your favorite songs! Make a video and send it to me!

  23. Next time you play your favorite video game, think about how the music reflects the action.  Some of the best and catchiest music can be found in video games! Write a paragraph describing your thoughts about the music, what your character was doing while you were listening, and how the music reflected your character’s actions or what was going on in the game at the point you were listening.  Send me your paragraph so I can know your thoughts! Make sure to tell me which game you were playing!

  24. Did your parents assign you chores?  Bummer! Kill two birds with one stone by singing your favorite school, church, or popular (school-appropriate) songs while you do your chores!  It makes the work go faster and keeps your mind engaged without thinking about how much you hate cleaning your room. Make a video of you (or you and your siblings) doing chores while singing your favorite songs and send it to me!

  25. Listen on youtube to The Thankfulness Song from VeggieTales’ Madame Blueberry (you can watch the entire movie HERE if you want).  Listen to the Thankfulness Song enough times that you can sing along and know the words.  Then go on a walk with your family and sing it to yourself, thinking about what you are thankful for during this time.  Things could be so much worse, but we have warm homes, food to eat, families who love us, and pets to snuggle with. What else are you thankful for?  Send me a note and share!   


BONUS:  Want to sing along with me live via Zoom?  Meet me for my office hours from 11-12 or 2-3 pm every day to do a live music class including stretches, breathing, vocal warm-ups, and a few songs with the powerpoint just like we do in class!  Simply send me an email requesting to meet and I’ll send you a zoom invitation to meet me online!