Mrs. Pardo - Mrs. Pardo Bio

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                  I have been teaching at Immacolata for 18 years. The first 14 years I was part time. When Dr. Stutsman arrived I became full time, but I did not start out as an instructor/teacher. I have an Associates Degree in Applied Science my major was in Commercial Art/Graphic Design. I graduated from college in 1982 from Florissant Valley Community College and worked for a family owned Lighting Fixture Company “International Lighting”. I was their art department. I photographed and designed their catalogues from conception to finished product. I operated their two-color printing press. This is also where I started working with computers. Black and white screens I might add.

In 1988 I moved onto a Fortune 500 Business Forms Company “Standard Register” based out of Dayton, Ohio and I designed business forms via the computer using specialized software for the Healthcare and Financial Industries for the St. Louis sales office.

In 1996 I went to work for a smaller Business Forms Company “Riley Barnard and O’Connell” at this time I started the 96 hour “Chancellor’s Certificate” in Computer through UMSL (University Missouri of St. Louis.)

In 2000 I was looking for a different career path. I had come to find out there was a need for computer teachers in the Catholic School System. With my own children just starting Catholic grade school I looked into my options of possibly instructing computer classes. I definitely had the background working with computers. I enjoyed being a room parent at my children’s school. I wanted to pass on my knowledge. I researched opportunities available and was fortunate enough to start a new career being a computer instructor with The Lewis and Clark Institute.

Their company leased computers to schools and provided an instructor. At that time Immacolata was leasing computers from Lewis and Clark I became the instructor.  After my first year at Immacolata as a Lewis and Clark Instructor I was offered a part-time position to teach computer skills to all grade levels here at Immacolata. I have witnessed many technology advances over these 18 years and anticipate many more due to the generous families and parishioners here at Immacolata.

I enjoy participating in all types of Professional Development. I enjoy learning new things and love passing that knowledge onto my students as the students also pass on their tech savvy knowledge to me. It is a win-win class setting as we learn from each other. My goal is for them to want to learn just for the sake of learning and be able to trouble shoot and collaborate with others and become life long learners.

My husband Mike and I have two children.  We live in South St. Louis and belong to St. Joan of Arc Parish. In my spare time I enjoy music, photography, walking my dog, gardening and all facets of art and technology!