Mrs. Pardo - 1st Grade

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 1st Grade 

We will be reviewing the alphabet. We will be going over shift, delete, spacebar, caps lock, return and arrow keys, esc, command and control key. We will be typing their spelling words and using their spelling words in sentences. We will be introducing the drawing tools. Bringing in clipart and resizing images. They will be using Microsoft Word and Smart Notebook software to enhance these skills. This school year we have introduced the students to IXL (Online Language Program) from time to time they will be using the online reading program EPIC and online math program Prodigy. I also have made them a username and password in Khan Academy for math.

Remember - they need to have patience with finding the letters on the keyboard. The keyboard has all upper case letters. So, the children will have to decide what lower case letters go with the upper case letters on the keyboard.

We will also be learning . . .

  • How to change the color of their text

  • How to change their font style

  • How to change text size

  • Bring in clipart and resize it