Mrs. Pardo - 5th Grade

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 5th Grade

We will be reviewing the keyboard keys - shift, delete, spacebar, caps lock, return, arrows, esc, command, control etc. Expanding our knowledge on word processing skills using Microsoft Word and or Google Docs, Google Classroom, Sheets and Slides.

We are also using an online website for typing. The students have their own personal username and password. The link is below - called Typing Web. We will be concentrating on using the correct fingers all year. Below are some additional links to practice their typing. Practicing at home 10 to 15 minutes a night would be fantastic.

The students are using one to one Chrome Books in their classrooms with their subject teachers. The Chrome Books stay here at school. They do have an assigned Chrome Book. Also available to the students are ipads located in the computer lab that their teachers can check out for use up in their classrooms.

Introducing Khan Academy for basic HTML coding.




Make sure you ask one of your parents before using these sites. 


Great site for practicing using the correct fingers and learning the keyboard Step by Step TYPING WEB remember you have your own personal username and password:

Great site for beginners DANCE MAT:

Dance Mat Typing


Remember only the THUMBS are used for the SPACEBAR. 

Remember use the correct fingers.

Fingers should always rest on the Home Row Keys.  ASDF JKL;

Check this Link below for more Typing Practice

Just Left HAND, Just RIGHT HAND Etc. Click the Link Below



Type your own TEXT, Article etc. Click on Link Below 


Another wonderful site KEYBOARD:


When you use these sites remember to use your Home Row Keys 

ASDF         JKL; 

and have your fingers positioned correctly. Feel for the bumps on the F and keys.

I would rather you be extremely slow by using the correct fingers to type.

Your speed will increase the more you practice.


Great online GRAMMAR exercises!

Check it out! You just might like doing them. 


Computer Science is FUN!!!!     Try out this link!



Great website to Test your Geography Knowledge