Mrs. Berns - 6 MATH

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Friday, March 13th:

PiDay Activity


Thursday, March 12th:

no class


Wednesday, March 11th:

review circles


Tuesday, March 10th:

notes/examples - circles

HW: p.627/629 all


Monday, March 9th:

notes/examples - circles

HW: p.617/619 all


Friday, March 6th:

quiz - naming geometric figures


Thursday, March 5th:

no class 


Wednesday, March 4th:

go over HW worksheet and complete practice problems

quiz Friday over naming geometric figures/angles


Tuesday, March 3rd,

notes - parallel lines cut by transversals

CW: worksheet/practice


Monday, March 2nd

go over/grade HW p.547

task cards - angles

HW: worksheet


Friday, February 28th:

go over HW p.539/40

notes - chapter 7 lesson 2

HW: p.547


Thursday, February 27th:

no class


Wednesday, February 26th:

geometry term book due Friday

notes/examples chapter 7 lesson 1

HW: p.539/40 all


Wednesday, February 19th - Tuesday, February 25th:

geometry terms - collage/presentation

due Friday 2/28


Tuesday, February 18th



Monday, February 17th:

review for test tomorrow

chapter 9 lessons 1, 3, and 7 and box and whisker plots


Friday, February 14th:

go over hw worksheet and complete odds

TEST Tuesday


Thursday, February 13th:

no class


Wednesday, February 12th:

finish puzzle

HW: worksheet - evens


Tuesday, February 11th:

go over HW worksheet - odds

begin elephant puzzle activity


Monday, February 10th:

check/go over HW worksheet

activity - solve and search

HW: complete odds on last night's HW worksheet


Friday, February 7th:

finish compound probability notes

HW: worksheet - evens


Thursday, February 6th:

no class


Wednesday, February 5th:

return papers and review compund probability (notes)

HW: none


Tuesday, February 4th:

notes - box and whisker plots

HW: worksheet


Monday, February 3rd:

turn in Hw worksheet - lesson 3 compound probability

review and complete compound probability worksheet

notes - measures of central tendency and quartiles

HW: worksheet - select questions


Thursday, January 30th and 31st:

no class


Wednesday, January 29th:

check/go over HW p. 737/8 #1-7

worksheet due Monday


Tuesday, January 28th:

notes/examples chapter 9 lesson 3

HW:p.737/8 #1-7 due Wednesday


Monday, January 27th:

check/go over/turn in HW: p.715/6 #1-7

notes - lesson 2 example 1 and 2 only

no homework


Friday, January 24th:

Spelling Bee - no class


Thursday, January 23rd:

no class


Wednesday, January 22nd

notes - chapter 9 lesson 1

HW: p.715/6 #1-8


Tuesday, January 21st

QUIZ - chapter 1 


Monday, January 20th

no school - MLK Day


Friday, January 17th

no school - snow day


Thursday, January 16th:

no class


Wednesday, January 15th:

review for chapter 1 quiz

QUIZ Friday - chapter 1  (excluding lesson 3 and 9)
    -complete lesson e-checks 
    -spiral review/extra practice at the end of the lesson
    p.15/16, 23/24, 39/40, 44 (mid-chapter check), 51/52, 61/62, 71/72, 79/80


Tuesday, January 14th:

notes - lesson 8 slope

CW/HW: p.77/8 #1-4 and review worksheet


Monday, January 13th:

Stations - review ratios and proportional relationships

QUIZ - Friday over chapter 1 (3rd quarter grade)


Friday, January 10th:

go over HW p.69-71 #1-14

review ratios and proportional relationships


Thursday, January 9th:

no class


Wednesday, January 8th:

notes - chapter 1 lesson 7

HW: p.69-71 #1-14


Tuesday, January 7th:

check/go over HW

practice/examples - writing equations 

HW: finish worksheet 


Monday, January 6th:

review/notes - chapter 1 lesson 6

HW: p.59 #1-10


Tuesday, December 17th - late start:

complete and go over - mid chapter 1 review worksheet


Monday, December 16th:



Thursday, December 12th:

no class


Wednesday, December 11th:

continue graphing mystery picture


Tuesday, December 10th:

go over graphing review 

graphing a mystery picture 


Monday, December 9th

go over p.37

complete p.39/40

complete graphing review worksheet


Wednesday, December 4th:

complete p.15 and 23


Tuesday, December 3rd:

activity - unit rate and rate matching


Monday, December 2nd:

notes - p.18-20

guided practice p.20

CW; p.21 all


Monday, November 25th:

notes - p.10-12

complete and go over guided practice p.12

HW: p.13 and 14 all


Thursday, November 21st:

no class - inequality puzzle due tomorrow


Wednesday, November 20th:


puzzle due Friday


Tuesday, November 19th:

review 2-step inequalities

QUIZ tomorrow


Monday, November 18th:

finish 2-step inequality notes 

CW/HW: p.517 all


Friday, November 15th:

2-step inequalities notes/examples


Thursday, November 14th:

no class


Wednesday, November 13th:



Tuesday, November 12th:

review inequalities

QUIZ tomorrow over chapter 6 lesson 6 and 7 - complete echeck for review


Monday, November 11th:

check HW - p.503

activity - inequality word problem review

go over/check p.509

HW: worksheet and p.511


Friday, November 8th:

1/2 day - no class


Thursday, November 7th:

no class - p.503 due Monday


Wednesday, November 6th:

go over HW p.501

complete p.503 - due Monday


Tuesday, November 5th:

check/go over HW

notes - inequalities

HW: p.501 and 509 all


Monday, November 4th:

Equation Rummy

HW: worksheet


Wednesday, October 30th:

go over HW

begin Equation Rummy 

HW: worksheet - maze - due tomorrow


Tuesday, October 29th:

notes - 2-step equations

HW: p.473 #1-6 and p.485 #1-6


Monday, October 28th:

go over HW worksheet - check work and answers

activity - Connect 4

HW: line puzzle workhsheet - show work/steps on a seperate sheet


Friday, October 25th:

notes - multiply and divide equations

HW: finish worksheet


Thursday, October 24th:

no class


Wednesday, October 23rd:

notes - 1-step equations 

worksheet - only addition and subtraction


Tuesday, October 22nd:

retake QUIZ - combining like terms and distributive property


Monday, October 21st:

return quiz

review integer, fraction and decimal operations


Friday, October 18th:



Thursday, October 17th:

no class


Wednesday, October 16th:

complete review worksheet - collected at the end of class (I will grade and return by the end of the day Thursday)

HW: QUIZ Friday

extra practice QUIZIZZ code 627346


Tuesday, October 15th:

go over HW and review combining like terms w/distributive property 


Monday, October 14th:

notes/review: combining like terms

HW: worksheet - QUIZ Wednesday


Friday, October 11th:

go over HW

quizziz - combining like terms

HW: QUIZ Wednesday


Thursday, October 10th:

no class


Wednesday, October 9th:

notes - combining like terms

HW: p.388 c, d, e


Tuesday, October 8th:

chapter 5 lesson 4 - distributive property

CW: p.379 #1-14 -  finish for HW


Monday, October 7th:

sub - Mrs. Berns on 8th grade field trip

evaluate expressions review worksheet - finish for HW if not completed during class

link to fraction and decimal review:


Thursday, October 3:

no class


Wednesday, October 2:

go over hw and practive evaluating expressions


Tuesday, October 1:

notes/practice problems chapter 5 lesson 1

HW: worksheet


Monday, Septembre 30:

notes - expressions and evaluating expressions

CW: worksheet - no need to complete for HW


Tuesday, September 24th - Friday, September 27th:



Monday, September 23:

go over review worksheet

QUIZ - rational numbers


Friday, Septermber 20:

no class

review worksheet due Monday


Thursday, September 19:

finish activity

review worksheet due Monday


Wednesday, September 18:

no class


Tuesday, September 17:

finish fraction review

begin activity

HW: review worksheet due Monday - QUIZ Monday over fractions


Monday, September 16:

check HW p.333 #15-19 and p.334 #25-30

begin reviewing fractions ch 2 lesson 3/4

HW: none


Friday, September 13 and Thursday, September 12: no class


Wednesday, September 11:

check/go over HW

HW: p.333 #15-19 and p.334 #25-30 due Monday

Integer Reteach lesson due Thursday - if you received a copy.


Tuesday, September 10:

review rational number operatiions

return/conference about quiz

HW: p.315 #1-11 and p.331 #1-8

Integer Reteach lesson due Thursday - if you received a copy.


Monday, September 9:

review integer operations



Friday, September 6:

go over/grade integer practice worksheet

continue working on "I Have. Who Has?"

QUIZ Monday over integer operations


Thursday, September 5:

no class

integer practice worksheet due tomorrow

QUIZ MONDAY over integers


Wednesday, September 4:

go over/check HW p.228

review integer operations - "I Have. Who Has?"

HW: worksheet

QUIZ Monday over integers


Tuesday, September 3:

adding integers (chapter 3 lesson 2)

e-check quiz - adding integers

subtracting integers (chapter 3 lesson 3)

quick check - p.219 #1-9

HW: mid-chapter quiz p.228


Friday, August 30:

review multiply/divide integers - complete echeck quizzes

notes - absolute value (chapter 3 lesson 1 p.193)

begin notes - adding integers (chapter 3 lesson 2 p.200/201)


Thursday, August 29:

no class


Wednesday, August 28:

login/explore online textbook

Please finish filling in the dates in your assignment notebook and cover your workbook by this Friday. 

Summer Solutions workbooks are due by this Friday. 


Tuesday, August 27:

notes/practice - multiply and divide integers (chapter 3 lesson 4)

Please finish filling in the dates in your assignment notebook and cover your workbook by this Friday. 

Summer Solutions workbooks are due by this Friday. 


Monday, August 26:

Please finish filling in the dates in your assignment notebook and cover your workbook by this Friday. 

Summer Solutions workbooks are due by this Friday.