Ms. Bruns and Ms. Shipley - Team Mission

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Mission of the Learning Consultant and Enrichment Team

We work in the school environment as educational consultants

and instructional leaders.  We plan and facilitate the delivery of

programs for children with learning differences; We provide enrichment

opportunties to augment the classroom curriculum; We collaborate

with classroom teachers to implement successful instructional

techniques in the classroom; and we effectively communicate

with parents, diagnosticians, teachers and building principals.


What this means at Immacolata School


Communicate with / between / among students, teachers and parents to improve and enrich academic performance.

Serve as a liaison between Special School District and/or private diagnosticians and our students.

Meet with students to assess skills, define problems, develop learning plans, implement interventions or enrichment, and evaluate the student’s progress.

Facilitate special testing situations (for example: provide extended time and an alternate environment; read test items with students)



We welcome your questions!  It's exciting and energizing to facilitate success and watch children grow as confident learners. Please let us know if we can help you or your child in anyway!