Mrs. Warmke - covid19art K-4 and 5-8

Phone: 991-5700 voice mailbox #426


 I post on instagram @immacart with ideas everyday.  Please reach out if this form of acquiring lessons isn't obtainable.  i will email the lessons directly.


Stay tuned and connected. I’m always just an email or zoom video away. 


I understand this is new territory for all of us.  Please know the lessons I’m posting are for fun and to cultivate creativity!  Everything I post is a choice to do. No grades will be given. 


If interested in future projects to be posted, please start saving household items that may be used toward art at home.  Cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, food containers, various lids, textured bags, even used markers (may be repurposed for homemade watercolor).


I look forward to staying connected virtually and offering art ideas to be enjoyed at home.  


My Best,

Mrs. Warmke