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Curriculum de Español


We will start everyday with a prayer en Español because GOD is the reason why we are all here.

Kindergarten :  " Jesús te quiero mucho. Gracías por este día." (Jesus I love you so much. Thank you for this day)

1st   -  5th :  " Dios te Salve María " (Hail Mary)     " Gloria al Padre "   (Glory Be )

6th  -  8th :  " Padre Nuestro " (Our Father)


Course Content

This year en Español we will focusing on improving our use of the language. Also learning new words, phrases and small sentences.

The curriculum will meet the needs of the children as a group but also as individuals. Activities will be flexible and understandable according to the age group.

La clase de Español will be given:


                                       Kindergarten through Eigth Grade once a week.                                    


Kindergarten and 1st Grade:

Basic vocabulary including:  greetings, colors, numbers, members of the family, body parts, animals, opposites and variety of songs and small reading books.


2nd and 3rd Grade:  

Will be using Spanish System  " VIVA EL ESPAÑOL  A " 

4th and 5th Grade:

Will be using Spanish System  " VIVA EL ESPAÑOL   B "                                                                                  

Both systems are  complete language development programs designed to help each child to attain an acceptable degree of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in an informal and relaxed environment. This system also introduces the students to the cultures of Spanish speaking people.


6th and 7th Grade:

Will be using Spanish System  " VIVA EL ESPAÑOL  :   HOLA "

Tailored to the middle school students reinforcing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


8th Grade:

Will be using Spanish System  " VIVA EL ESPAÑOL :   QUÉ  TAL "

With this system the children will be able to respond to simple questions, statements and commands, using simple words, phrases and short sentences. 

They will learn and practice using observation, listening materials, attractive visual aids, oral and silent reading, vocabulary study, comprenhension, creative movements, drawing, participating in small and big groups and conversation in the target language with the teacher and peers.




Grades are based on the following:

Class particitation /  Oral Evaluation     (  40 %  )

Quizzes  /  Test                                      (  30 %  )

Homework                                             (  20 %  )

Projects                                                  (  10 %  )




Grading  Scale

Kindergarten through 5th Grade :      E =   Excellent                4 points            

                                                               VG =  Very Good            3 points

                                                               S  =   Satisfactory            2 points          

                                                               NI  =  Need  Improvement   1 point    

                                                               N- = No credit                 0 points


6th  through  8th Grade  :     A+ =  97%  -  100%                        A  =  93%  -  96% 

                                                B+ =  89%  -  92%                          B  =  85%  -   88%

                                                C+ =  82%  -  84%                          C  =  78%  -   81%

                                                D+ =  74%  -  77%                          D  =  70%  -   73%

                                                                    F   =   69%  or  below.


Participation grades are giving based on individual oral performance and cooperation as a partner and as a group member.


Students will further their ability to speak and write (acording to the grade level) in simple sentences about themselves, their family and friends.

Partners practice, games, songs, dances and group activities will be some of the methods used to teach the language.


I'm excited about the class activities planned for this year.

You can visit us on room  # 302.

With School and Home working together, I know that each and every student can have a successful year in Español.


If You have any questions or concerns, please contact me or leave a message and I'll return your call asap.


¡ Dios los bendiga siempre !

¡  Hasta pronto  !

¡    Adios  !



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Profesora de Español

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