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      Class    Expectations


The following will influence on the participation grade :

1.- Come to la clase de Español  prepared : texbook covered, workbook covered, folder,

      pen or pencil, eraser, hand-out given in class and homework completed.

2.- Be seated and ready to work AND remain seated until dismissed by the teacher.

3.- Be attentive and follow directions the first time given.

4.- Keep your hands, feet and objets to yourself.

5.- Call a classmate to find out assignments missed when absent.


6.- Do not used obscene gestures or obscene language.

7.- No radios, headphones, cell phones, hats, food or drinks en la clase.

 Daily effort Points . The 4 P's:

 Be Positive, Polite, Prepared and Productive


A citizenship grade will be given based on how the student adheres to the policy and expectations of la clase de Español and School.



           Be respectful to others     -     Respeta a otros.



Señora Torres.