Ms. Gulliver - Remote learning assignments

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 Here is what we will be studying for the week:

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 Monday May 4

MASS AT 8:45

Reading: 1.  Read A New Team of Heroes on pages 48-55

             2. Complete comprehension paper

             3. complete vocabulary paper

Spelling:  complete 172 in your reading workbook on words ending with -er or -le

 Zoom meeting: possessive pronouns page 175

Science:  Log into IXL go to science level E. Go to states of matter and work on 1-3 for 15 minutes.Math:

Religion: Today you will be learning about one of Jesus’ disciples, Thomas.

Watch the following video:

Read the following paragraph:

Saint Thomas is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. His name means "the twin". He is most famous for not being present when the other apostles (Jesus's followers and friends) first saw Jesus after he had been risen from the dead. Thomas was not there and when he heard about it, he did not believe his friends, and he said he wanted to see it for himself, even the marks in his hands where Jesus had been nailed to the cross. Jesus did return and showed Thomas. The phrase "Doubting Thomas" (a term for a person who does not believe something at first) comes from this story.

Respond with a five sentence summary of what you learned about Thomas and what we should learn from him.   


Tuesday May 5

 Reading:  Many characters in stories achieve goals.  Think of a character you’ve read about who is an achiever.  It could be one of the soccer players in the magazine article “A New Team of Heroes, “ or it could be a character in another story you have read this year.

Decorate a piece of paper about who your character is.  Post the picture in your response.  Then record your response telling me the following:

1.       Who you are

2.       What you achieved

3.       How you achieved it

4.       Why you are proud of what you did.

Be sure to speak clearly while you are recording your response. 

Grammar:  Complete possessive pronouns reading workbook page 177.

Wordly Wise:  Test 14 remember you may go back and look in your book.

Science:  1.  Watch the following clip

             2.  Read What are Some Changes to Matter on pages 379-389 in your science book

Math: the clip

2. log in to IXL and go to math level E and work CC. Two dimensional shapes. Number 4 is it a polygon

          3. Complete math workbook pages 215-216 and post your work in your response.

Social Studies:  1. Read Moving to New Places in your social studies book on pages 324-329

                          2.  For your response write a diary entry as if you are an early immigrant to the United States.  Include details about the challenges you face.  (7up)

Wednesday May 6

Reading:  Read a book of choice for 20 minutes and record 2 minutes of you reading out loud for your response.

Grammar:  Journal:  My dream school has…….  (7up)

Wordly Wise:  complete 15a on pages 145-146.  Remember you can highlight the word meanings on pages 143-144 to make it easier to find the definitions when looking back.

Science:  Log into IXL – go to science level E – go to E. physical and chemical change- work on number 1 and 2 for 15 minutes.


1.  Watch the video clip

2.  log in to IXL and go to math level E and work on DD. triangles and quadrilaterals 8. Classify quadrilaterals

            3. Complete math workbook page 217-218 and post your answers

Religion: Today you will be learning about the disciple Matthew.  Watching the following video

Read the following article

Respond with three facts that you learned about Matthew.

Social studies:  1. Watch the following clip

                             2. In your response write 2 facts you learned.


 Thursday May 7.

 Reading: 1.  Read Saving Buster on pages 66-73 in your reading book.

             2.  Write a 4 sentence summary of the story in your response.

Spelling:  Complete reading workbook page 182 on words that begin with a or be. Post a picture when you have finished of your work.

Grammar:  Complete reading workbook page 185 on using I and Me.  Post a picture when you are finished.  Remember to read the box at the top of the page before you start and that we always capitalize the word I.

Wordly Wise:  Complete exercise 15B on page 146 and post a picture of your work.

Science:  complete brain check on pages 391-392 and post a picture of your work.

Social Studies:  1. read about Our American Heritage on pages 338-341 In your social studies book.

2.  Draw a picture of a landmark in your community or state and write 2 sentences about it.  Post a picture when you are finished. 


1.  5 minutes of facts – log in to IXL and go to math level E and work on J. Division skill builders.

            2. Watch the following clips

3. Read the box at the top of page 227

4. Complete and post page 228 in your response.

 Friday May 8

 Reading:  Complete both the comprehension and vocabulary worksheets for Saving Buster

Wordly Wise:  Complete and post 15C on pages 147

Science:  Quiz

Journal:  What are you liked most about distance learning? What have you missed the most about being in school? (7up)


1. 5 minutes of facts – log in to IXL and go to math level E and work on J. Division skill builder. 

             2.complete pages 229 and 230 and post page 230 in your response.

Religion: Today you are going to learn about the disciple Andrew. Watch the following video 

Read the following article

Write a five sentence summary on what you learned about St. Andrew.

Field Trip: Georgia Aquarium - Sea Otters


  1.  How long can sea otters live?

  2. Are sea otters carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?

  3. What do otters eat?

  4. What do otters use to help them open up their food?

  5.  Why do otters need to keep their fur/coat clean?

  6. Where can we find sea otters in nature?

  7. Are otters endangered?