Mrs. Tedford - Helpful Apps and Websites

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1st Grade Apps and Websites



  1. Prodigy Math App or Website (see usernames and passwords attached).

There is also the option of creating a home account but this does require a paid subscription. We use this all the time at school, kids should be very familiar. I set the assignments for them to work through. 

  1. Math Bingo App

  2. Math Blasters Hyper Blast App

  3. Moose Math App

  4. Math Cards App

  5. Splash Math App

  6. Mathtopia Plus App

  7. Zapzamath App

  8. Add to 10 Plus App



  1. Raz Kids App or Website (see attached username and password sheet).

Digital books to read and quizzes to take.

This is the same as what they used in Kindergarten just with higher levels set. Click on student log in, search for Stephanie Tedford or immacteachers and log in using username and password assigned.  

  1. Storylineonline App or Website.

 Books read aloud by actors/actresses.

  1. Epic Reading App or Website class code: bgv5007.

There is an option to have a home account but does require a paid subscription. Digital books to read with quizzes. Videos to watch. We use this all the time at school. Kids should be very familiar. 

  1. Vooks App or Website.

This is new, we have not used it in class yet but it works a lot like storyline online. Books are read aloud and animated. There is an option for parents to create a paid subscription account. My account is username:

Password: fantasticfirsties


Language Arts

  1. IXL App or Website (see attached list of usernames and passwords) 

*note that usernames should have @immacolata after them

We use this site all the time at school, kids are very familiar with it. They can work through any of the language arts lessons in 1st grade and some in 2nd grade. We do have access to science and social studies on IXL now. The activities are for 2nd grade on up but the kids can play around on the 2nd grade activities if they want to. 


Social Studies

  1. Stack the states App

  2. History for Kids

  3. Virtual Museum Tours



  1. Mystery Science Website

  1. NASA Stem Site

  2. Kids National Geographic




  1. Religion Book Site

    1. Click on students

    2. Click on take a quiz

    3. Click on 1st grade

    4. Click on any chapter 1-13 to take a quiz, results can be sent to me but don’t have to.

Chapters 1-11 is review, chapters 12-13 are new and should be taken after reading the pages from the textbook. 


  1. Spelling City- website or App 

  1. Rocket Speller App



  1. WDT Classroom App

  2. Letter Reflex App



  1. Brainpop Jr. App or Website.

The school has an account you can log into. There are also free movies. Each movie has a quiz at the end the kids can take. There are movies for each subject

Username: immacolata

Password: immac1 

  1. ABCYA App

  2. Scholastic Learn At Home-

This website has a daily posting of books to access, videos to watch and an activity to do.There is a different theme each day.